What are the options?
LOUNGE TV equals TOP STRATEGY 2 in 1- Lounge TV & Lounge Radio. We offer an exclusive format of advertisement, available only on Lounge TV channel. This is in the form of graphic banners various styles throughout the broadcasting. So it is possible to use the complete broadcasting time for your own Product Placement videos. Another option is to use advertising time during a commercial break- spot video ad or a commercial made up of a voice spot into the Lounge Radio format. The new “LOUNGE” method of advertising does NOT bother and SMART GUIDES. Lounge TV is simply a great marketing tool. Thanks to its unique format, the advertising message does not disturb the viewer or the listener and on the contrary it directly hits it. Although the viewer has not yet know that “IT” actually wants or necessarily needs…

TOP ADVERTISEMENT on Lounge TV & Lounge Radio ready in 48 hours! Contact: ivana@loungetv.cz or +420 734 200 144.


Download LOUNGE TV APP for your mobile or tablet and enjoy the smart functions of our channel Lounge TV.